Artist Profile – Gareth Stehr

We recently caught up with Foundation and COMUNE‘S main man Gareth Stehr at the 2HeadedHorse in LA for his art show “Behold the Blacklight”.  He was kind enough to sit down and chat with us about who, what, where and why he does what he does…

Click here for Gareth’s website and photos from the nights fetivities:

You can also see Gareth’s work this weekend (April 24th) at the COMUNE compound for their first DROP CITY event. This event will feature such artists as Corey Smith, Jason Lee Perry, Gareth Stehr, Hunter Longer and much more… Click on the flyer below for more info.

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I’m damn sick of this “devil” phase. He’s not even trying; it’s all thoughtless and trite.

This is an embarrassment for everybody.

Gareth is one of the chillest foos I’ve met, I still can’t believe how close he lives next to me… SilverLake is the spot!