Active Army Park Crasher Contest

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Earlier this year, we invited all of our Active Army Teams to film their best Park Crashers. The rules were simple: One full day to film, best 2 minute edit wins, and cant have more than 10 team riders in the video.  After countless Costco pizzas and a couple crashed hard drives, we had almost an hour of gnarly footage.  We couldn’t decide which videos we liked best, so we called on Active Pro Guy Mariano to pick his favorites. The final vote is in your hands!  Voting ends April 22nd at 11:59am.

After a week of anticipation, Active Chino wins the Park Crasher Contest. They pulled in 47% of the votes. Congratulations Chino! However, we would still like to give a shout out to our other shops. They all did an amazing job. 

San Dimas


Costa Mesa

Huntington Beach


Which store has the best Park Crasher?

  • Active Chino (47%)
  • Active San Dimas (29%)
  • Active Huntington Beach (17%)
  • Active Brea (5%)
  • Active Costa Mesa (2%)
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