Anthony Acosta’s Vans Propeller World Tour Experience

Lately, we hit up Active & Vans team riders, Dan-Lu & K-Walks about their whole experience traveling the world for the Vans Propeller premier tours. Today, we ask the world-renowned Vans photographer, Anthony Acosta. Anthony even shared with us some of the rad photos he took from the trip.

Rowan Zorilla, Kyle Walker, Dustin Dollin, Chima Ferguson, & Daniel Lutheran in Shanghai, China. Active team rider, Chris Joslin can be seen behind them on the left.


City Experience:
Shanghai, China was pretty top notch and stood out among the rest of the tour stops. Each of us had our own fancy luxury hotel room, and we were taken really well care of there. And the premiere was solid!

Rowan, Anthony Van Engelen, Dan-Lu, Chris Pfanner, K-Walks, & Tony Trujillo.

Team Experience:
Seeing the guys cheer and scream for each other’s parts at the video premieres. Stokes me out to witness that!


Fans Experience:
Mexico’s fans were soooo hyped and weren’t afraid to show it! We had two large security guards with us at all times to make sure things were under control.

Dan-Lu & Chima enjoying the flight.
Dan-Lu & Chima enjoying the flight.

Sleep Experience:
3-4 hours a night max. The plane rides were vital for catching some zzz’s.


Food Experience:
Lot’s of airplane beef and chicken. Shanghai dumpling spot was amazing! Mexico city also did us right.


Airline Experience:
We were treated to Business class the entire trip, that was sooo nice! Made the travelling much more pleasant.

(click photo to read...)
(click photo to read…)

Itinerary Experience:
When I first got the itinerary in my email I laughed…it was like 10 pages long!! But we didn’t miss one flight and made it home in one piece!

Gilbert Crockett in Germany

Stay Sane Experience:
FaceTime with the family,  green tea in the mornings, and good vibes from the dudes!

filmmaker behind the vid, Greg Hunt.

Thanks Acosta!
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