Andrew Reynolds Take on Stay Gold!

We recently caught up with Andrew Reynolds over at the Emerica Headquarters and hit him up about STAY GOLD… Here’s what he had to say…

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Hey, I know Andrew’s been back on Active for a while now but noticed he’s still listed as one of The Berrics pros in their Canteen section. WTF? You guys should throw Steve Berra & Eric Koston’s pages back on your site and claim they still ride for you. Steve Berra is shady!

i cant wait for this video. emerica’s were my first skate shoes ever and i didnt even know what emerica was when i was little. now that ive come to know and love the team and there shoes. i want them to be my last. im proud of everyone who had anything to do with the video, from editing, filming and even naming the video. ITS GANNA BE SICK!!!!!

I’M FOAMIN’ FROM THE MOUTH TO WATCH STAY GOLD!! oh by the way, those new romero 2 colorways are nice.