Andrew Reynolds Eric Koston The Skateboard Mag Covers


If you've seen the last two issues of The Skateboard Mag you may have noticed that Active Pro Team riders Eric Koston and Andrew Reynolds are killing it on the covers. Koston is on the cover of the September 2007 issue of throwin down switch backside overkrooks. Reynolds is on the cover of the October 2007 issue with a huge backside heelfip. Who's gnarlier?


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switch b/s overcrooks is technical, but not insane. reynolds is suicidal with this b/s heel. think about it… you are turning backside not able to spot a landing necessarily when you’re flying through the air that high. you fall, you die.

koston’s b/s overcrooks is on a small rail, hard but still small.

well if you are looking for huge than Reynolds would be the one to go for but if you are looking for technical than koston

i’m gonna have to go with the boss on this one. even if he does b/s and f/s flips all the time, this is still gnarly. hes at least 12 feet up and covering 20+ feet. to me, thats insane.

everyone who likes reynolds is just being biased because hes their favorite skater. sure its sick but kostons is definitely better. switch bs over crook a rail? as opposed to another bs heel from the boss. people shred that thing off the 4th one, he just stepped it up a block. and its not wallenburg “bakercuh”.

didnt chris cole do some thing switch done that 5 block but koston cover is better then the b/s heel

i believe that koston is gnarlier. dont get me wrong, reynolds bs heel is huge, but reynolds has bs heels just as he does fs flips almost. so reynolds can easily go bigger and bigger with his bs heels. koston on the other hand tho…switch overcrooks? i have never seen that, so thats new to me which i feel is gnarlier. this is hard for me because I am more of a reynolds fan then I am a Koston fan. Anyways, both covers are sick, but i wil have to say kostons is gnarlier, sorry reynolds. Also, they skateboard mag had a cover of lindsay robertson recently, and he was doin a big back heel, so a new trick is always good yo see

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Andrew’s is frikin’ sick. I’m in one of the new one’s with Erik Ellington.Active rules!!!!!

I think the Koston cover is better, you don’t see too many switch overcrooks on handrails if any. I’ve seen Andrew throw a huge b/s flip 100 times already, time for something new. Props to both skaters but I think the Koston trick is gnarlier.

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