Andrew Reynolds Baker Bootleg Video Part

I really wish Bootleg Skateboards would have lasted longer so we could have seen more Baker Bootleg videos. The Baker Bootleg and Baker2g videos remind me of how raw skateboard is and why we do it, no need for fancy intros or even legit filming, these videos were just about hanging with the homies and having a good time. Check out Andrew’s part and see him killing it before he became The Boss.

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bootleg skateboards came around after baker bootleg and baker 2g, get your skate history right before you educate kids with false information. baker 3 IS baker 3g.

well,I think that`s not JUST SKATEBOARDING …it`s history…
just imagine if there would be no Andrew Reynolds…
there would be no Baker and with that in mind just think how would emerica look…totaly diferent as we have it today..
so thank you very much Andrew…your one of a kind skater ,no doubt.
now go and buy a baker deck !!!