An Interview With Greg Hunt (Concrete Skateboarding)

Here’s a rad interview on Concrete Skateboarding with the mind behind Vans Propeller, Greg Hunt.

“On the morning of the world premiere of Propeller, the first ever full-length skate video from Vans, I caught up director Greg Hunt in Los Angeles to talk about deadline nightmares, skating domestic terrain, online experimentation, and containing VX footage to TVs from 1995, among other things. Maybe you’ll find this interview long, and I guess it is, but I always want to hear more from interesting, hardworking people like Greg. When I’m reading their interviews, they never seem long enough. So hear it is, a nearly unedited, hour-long conversation with Greg Hunt.”—Jeff Thorburn
(via Concrete Skateboarding)

To read more of the interview, check it out HERE.

Photo by Jeff Thorburn