Altamont Team at Simi Valley & Burbank

The Altamont Team came out to Active Simi Valley and Active Burbank on Sunday, August 26th. They signed for their many eager fans that were waiting in line hours before the team’s arrival to both stores. Sammy Baca’s family made a surprise trip out to Simi Valley Active all the way from their home in Las Vegas and things got a crazy once the team arrived at Burbank Active. The current Altamont Team consists of Bryan Herman, Kenny Hoyle, Theotis Beasley, Sammy Baca, Garret Hill, and Andrew Reynolds. Andrew has a lot of input on the company from team, to design. As you can see in the short video interview with Andrew on the day of the signing he seems to be pretty happy with how things are looking thus far.Thanks to Justin Regan and everyone at Altamont for helping us pull this event together and to the team guys for hanging out with Active and all the Altamont fans for a day.Video by Daniel Haney

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all photos: Erica Yary[zp]altamontsigningssimiburbank[/zp]

i was at the burbank signing fools!!! it was tight!!! and yeah, garrett really has game- he’s pro now!!! oh, and erika’s so hot!!!