Altamont Signings – Wrap Up

Andrew Reynolds and Garrett Hill

Active held two Altamont Team Signings this past weekend at Brea and Rancho Cucamonga Actives. Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Garrett Hill, Theotis Beasley, Kenny Hoyle, and Sammy Baca (who is from Vegas) all drove from Vegas to make it out to the two signings. The turn out for both events were great and Altamont fans each got special Altamont Posters signed and the opportunity to get a free Altamont shirt with any Altamont purchase. It was a-nice!


Altamont has just begun and is already gaining a great following and the success is coming along with it. There were hundreds of people that came out to both signings throughout the day and it looks like the brand is growing daily. You can get all of your Altamont clothing at Active locations.

Make sure you keep an eye out for more stuff coming from each of the team riders including Theotis Beasley who will have footage in the new Baker skateboards promo video they are working on, should be good stuff.

Enjoy the photos, and buy Altamont clothing!

All Photos: Erica Yary

oh, and marcellous or watever the F### ur name is,its more like alamont is copying kr3w cause krew was made waaaaaay before alamont.and shutup john smith,ur just sayingthat cause andrew did.

ALtamont is the ****, just cause reynolds is on it.
i cant believe he bs flipped WALLENBERG!!!
insane!!!!!!!! ive been there and that thing is like hella BIG, ollieing it was hard.

Altamont is tight and so is krew, but i got to show love to altamont because Andrew Reynolds is on it. Anything Andrew Reynolds touches turns to gold. Stop hating on Altamont, you know you like it you jealous wannabees.

You guys are losers, first of all, Kr3w is the bomb. Altamont is pro, but Reynolds was better off with his OG’s on Kr3w, much better. And Kr3w makes the best stuff, ever. Not Tamont.

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I went to the Altamont signing.

Altamont is way better than Krew.
The only thing I wish Altamont did that Krew does is sell clothes online.

How can krew copy altamont if krew has been out longer than altamont. Other than that altamont is bomb.

Altamont is the best clothing company ever. Krew clothes suck. Krew is trying the copy Altamont clothes

Hey, this is Drew. Thanks to everyone who came out to our first Altamont team signings. See you next time!


P.S.–Krew is wack.

altamont is weak sauce reynolds should have stayed with krew whats with all these dudes wearing clothes that look like they came straight outta the bums shopping cart