Altamont Industry Profile

Styles change… but style doesn’t. And the people pulling the strings over at Altamont know that very well.

In this installment of our Industry profiles,  Andrew Reynolds and Justin Regan give you an insight into what Altamont is all about.

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I always rock 20 bucks jeans from my local gentleman store or 30 bucks levis whoowee im broke i rock altamont tees tho you know it!

@rddog.. that will never happen. Beagle films for altamont as well as baker, and him and Corey gettin along is pretty much never gonna happen, lol

@marcus muniz.. its really not a hard concept man.. they have to be hyped on you. be your own original self, and you got to be good on the board obviously, and film your tricks. and most importantly just keep it real!

@Nicholas sanders.. show it to Andrew next time you see him if he gives you his attention.

real simple people get yo minds right!

if someone wuss too try to get on altamont how would u go about that..?an how to gett on board wit tha team…as well as the other companys like baker an deathwish n ****…?

if someone wuss too try to get on altamont how would u go about an do that to gett on board wit tha team…as well as the other companys like baker an deathwish n ****…?

he’s talking about skaters that dress different and dont care about trendif thats what he wants he should get corey duffel on the team

I have a altamont t shirt design that i think andrew would like. but i dont know what to do with it!

who has been a big influcence, skateboarding whise on altamont that doesnt ride for the company? and which skateboarder to you wish, past or present that you could have riding for altamont?

ay who gives a ****, quicksilver still has a sick skate program and volcom’s team is prety down too. altamont (not hating respectable company) is just a bunch of hipsters trying to be different, when i see as Andrew calls it the regular skate uniform, I see kids wear altamont t’s looking like regular skate rats.So so far from being “different” Nice stache bro

Well, Altamont for the most part is a company for Skaters by Skaters…and it hasn’t catered to the Celebs or random DJ’s like certain brands *cough*Krew and WeSC*cough*. 80 is still a high price to shell out for these jeans, but you’re really supporting the riders with that price, because when you come to think of it, where else do they get their pay? They gotta survive too.

Quality of Altamont is good, not the best though…but really good for a Skate Brand. All the seams and everything are really flawless, and that’s exactly why you’re paying 80 for them instead of some 40 dollar Levis that don’t sponsor or pay anyone except for the CEO’s.

But yeah, if you can afford 80 dollar Altamont jeans..go ahead and get em, support the skate team 😀

hey sellout your stupid… volcom is a snowboard skateboard and everything company, billabong and quicksilver surf is their priority so before saying something stupid be inform altamont is a company for skateboarders by skateboarders

Dude we are in a damn recession and not everybody can fork out 75 dollars for a pair of pants, even though they are nice. i can only afford clearence pants at active, its crazy.

Fo sho, all skateboarders need to know this rule: never sacrifice quality for quantity.

Altamont is THE best clothing brand out there right now so you need to buy it.

where can you get jeans that are much cheaper then $80 that isn’t walmart or some ****? and ya better to spend you money on quality.

yeah **** that Altamont ****…suppport the real skate brands… like volcom, billabong and quik

If altamont is all about skaters why is it so expensive? Real skate rats don’t spend 80 on a pair a jeans.