Altamont Apparel is here

Altamont Apparel

Altamont apparel is the one of the most anticipated brands to arrive in a long time. Active is your source for everything Altamont, from the Andrew Reynolds designed line of clothes to the officially licensed Jimi Hendrix pieces. Check out the whole story behind Altamont apparel here. Also watch this exclusive Active interview with Altamont apparel’s Brand Marketing Manager Justin Regan talk about how Altamont came together, and how the team was hand picked by Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman.

Video By Daniel Haney

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Check out these Altamont Apparel products available now, more on their way this week.

Altamont Sprayed Jersey T-Shirt

Altamont T-shirt

Altamont News Jersey T-Shirt

Altamont T-shirt

Altamont Zig Zag Jersey T-Shirt

Altamont T-shirt

Altamont Speedway New Era Hat

Altamont Apparel

Altamont Invisible Hood Zip Fleece

Altamont Apparel

Ive already bought two pairs of altamont jeans (reynolds wilshire fit and another reynolds wilshire) and both ripped practically in the same spot. right in the between the legs all the way down to my thighs but one is worse than the other. i have no idea how it happened but i personally do skate a lot. i would love to keep supporting altamont but i think its gona have to stop because i dont have that much money and that stuff is really expensive. i still love the designs and all that but yeah hopefully they will fix some of the quality

hmmm Altamont….I`m mean c`mon guys The Boss started the company and he is in charge so it just can`t be a bad thing coz he is so realistic I think,and he just would`t do something big like starting a company,just to make lots of money and play with us….he is real and he is kind of skater I like.
Andrew you really are the boss.

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altamont isnt worth it i have to spend a whole weeks paycheck to buy a pair of pants i thought reynolds was all about bringing skateboarding back to the streets but he is just trying to appeal to the rich poser kids who never have to work a day in there lives and there mommy and daddys buy everything for them i am just going to buy kr3w stuff it is so much cheaper and pretty much the same thing

Lol Andrew Reynolds must be rich as, he owns baker and baker is making lots of $, Imagine if Altamont gets popular, i’ll try getting those

woow maan, that guy was getting deep in that video clip. the indian feathers attached to the clothes is what skateboarding is. this is the abercrombie of this scene fellas.

altamont is cool like the shirts and jackets designs are nice but it is really expensive. a jacket from there company is close to 75 and a shirt is near 50 :(

that sh*t is too expensive for what it really is. altamont got nice styles. but the price is ridiculous.