Almost – Random News

TWS 8th Annual Awards…Transworld Awards = heavy drinking and a great time! Daewon got caught up hanging out in the lobby as the award for Best Video Part of the year was read. A bouncer protecting the innocent patrons of the awards ceremony blocked Daewon's enterance into the main hall. Daewon's long time friend Jon Fitisemanu ended up accepting the award for Best Video Part while wearing a “I VOTED FOR CHRIS COLE” shirt.
The new TWS video “A TIME TO SHINE” had a solid opening with Cooper Wilt's steeze. The vid goes on to feature some Haslem, Song, and Marnell skills. It's a well rounded video, check it out when it comes out!

Cheese & Crackers…Daewon and Chris have taken a full time job edditing their snack size video and with the help of Socrates the video is done! Check it out at your local shop now, is a good time!

Greg Lutzka…Greg has been racking up his frequent flyer miles lately going to Italy, Germany, NY, Texas & Denver for demos & contests. He's now back in his hometown of Milwauke with Chris Ortiz working on a TWS interview. Keep on the lookout for the upcoming interview.

Welcome to the Team Lewis Marnell!Lewis Marnell is the first rider we've added since Almost was established in 2004.
He's got a mean snap! And a part in Cheese & Crackers with old and new footage! Ohhhh Yeahhhh! Right now He's stayin in the OC for the summer enjoing the hot California weather!

The Ryan Sheckler Interview, “I’m not trying to be someone I’m not.”You should pick up the new Transworld (August 2006) and check out his Interview, its pretty sweeeeet! Ryan headed off to Hawaii for a week vacation after taking 1st at the Dew Contest. For more info on Ryan's schedule, check