Alien Workshop Give Away!

The nice folks at Alien Workshop gave us some product to give away… And instead of keeping it for myself (which I’d like to do…) I’m going to give it to you!  All you have to do is one simple thing… well, maybe two…

1.  The image below is hidden somewhere on our website. Find the image.

2. Take that image and the item number that the image is found in and post it on our facebook page.

The first person to do that will win some free goodies from Alien Workshop!  Good luck and happy hunting!


Congrats to both Kiyan & Ephraim! Kiyan posted the answer first so he’ll be getting the AWS package. Since Ephraim also found it but couldn’t post cause he wasn’t our friend we’ll be hooking him up with some Active stuff instead.

Stay posted for more contests like this!

darn it!!! i found it a long time ago but i couldnt post it on facebook because you didnt add me as a friend…
man this is disappointing.