Adio Team Vert & Street Demo 9/15!

Adio Team Demo

The Adio Team Vert and Street Demo!
Saturday, September 15th 2007 2-5pm
Active Orange
1500 E. Village Way
Orange, CA 92865

The entire Adio Team will be ripping for your enjoyment, featuring Tony Hawk, Kenny Anderson, Danny Montoya, Brian Sumner, Jeremy Wray, Nick Dompierre, Ernie Torres, Steve Nesser, Ryan Bobier, Chris Roberts, Anthony Schultz, Chris Troy, Sean Eaton and more!

yyyeeeee, cant wait 4 da emerica demo…idk if u remember, but im coreys homie, i met u 1 or 2 times idk, but yeah u guyz told me bought it..hope itz crackin…which im sure it will be =)

I would like to thank active for letting me roller balde on the setup you guys rock,I pulled off a 360!!!!!!!! fruit booters rule.

This **** was sick free stuff and autographs then before i was at the Santa Clarita Sate demo Active and other teams were there my friend rides for Billy’s

Will we be able to rollerblade on the ramp? SUN DIEGO lets us…..also are you going to have jonny jumpers for the little kids? Please let us know.

I called twice too and the both times i got the answer that they will hold a signin… i wanna know cuz i’m going to iraq sunday and want a board signed by the guys…. need a little something to keep me up you know… and also sun diego organizes there demo’s better… if active can’t get it together then i say they should never hold a demo again………………………………

I can’t wait…only if it was on friday or sunday…cuz of the boost moble asp world tour in lowers is on saturday…and sunday…but saturday will b the best day…but im totally stoked to see hawk…hes not my total favorie skater like sheckler is…but come on man this dudes a legend! can’t wait! hey do you know if theres going 2 b a signing with the demo?

I called last week and adked abouth authographs and they said they will sign autographs.

I called yesterday and they told me NO autographs.

Nobody there knows what they are talking about.


cant wait for this demo its going to be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Erica. I’ve been seeing your name on Active for years. I’ve emailed you quite a few times, as well, but I’ve never seen you. How did you get such a cool job?

Also, I don’t know the guy’s name, but he’s usually the announcer. He’s bald, if I remember correctly. I also remember him with his face painted for a Zero demo a few years back. He’s always bagging on you about something.

To the ones who asked, You should be able to get autographs pretty easy. I’ve met so many skaters over the years. The Blingfest is the Best of all, though. It’ll be kind of tough to get Hawk to sign something, as everyone will buzz around him, like last time. I’d show off autographed posters to my friends at school, and they all though I was forging them!

Who cares,Im going to a rodeo…cowboy up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So are they doing a signing or just a demo cuz they only have this going on for two hours and dude if they we gotta like camp out and wait in line for the signing

This will be like my 20th demo over the last 5 or 6 years. The Blingfest is the best, for sure. I went to the first one, before they started calling it the Blingfest.

Hawk should be there. I went to this same demo a few years back. It was at the same place. I believe it was Baker and Adio last time. Hawk went to skate off, and some kid put his foot under his board, and made him fall. It was on accident, though, because they were crowding around him.

The funniest quote that day… “Mr. Hawk, I want to have your baby!”

Im going. I wanna meet Kenny anderson. And im sure a autographed game of project 8 from tony is worth alot. Im kidding Tonys cool

r u guys posititve that tony hawk and shawn white r gonna b there cuz if they r not goin im not gown please respond

u must not be a sk8ter cause tony hawk is indeed the best sk8ter alive but he’s not my fav sk8ter anymore well only because he kinda retired but he’s still awesome