Adio Super Session – Over and Out!

The Adio Super Session went off as expected and the crowd got to catch a glimpse of some of the most popular and best skateboarders in the world. Everyone from Chris Troy, Ernie Torres, Brian Sumner, Kenny Anderson and Steve Nesser, to Tony Hawk himself, were there skating for your viewing pleasure.

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The Red Bull Manny Mania course was going off all day long with the likes of Manny Mania Champ Joey Brezinski skating it. Also ripping all day long were, the legend, Jeremy Wray and Birdhouse Am, Sean Eaton. Adio brought the big guns out with Tony Hawk skating the vert ramp alongside his buddy Jesse Fritsch and Adio Ams.

Check out Adio’s online coverage and Vital Skate’s coverage of the event.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of the event, there were a lot of you! A huge thank you goes out to Adio Footwear and everyone at Earth Products, Red Bull, Tony Hawk Industries, Chipotle, The Village at Orange Staff, Active Orange, Birdhouse, and everyone else who helped make this event the success it was!

All photos Edwin Whelpy, (sequence) Alex Yang, and Travis Howell.


ok guys, what lame-brained, pac-sun shopping, wanna-be skater did you have announcing? that idiot couldnt tell the difference between a 360 and a pancake, get some real skaters who know real talk, not the son of your VP. Keep it Local kids, support your LOCAL skateshop

Damn, Jimmy Dean got busted! I’m guessing Urban Board Shop isn’t doing much business if this guy has nothing better to do than talk crap on your site. He’s hating on you guys because Active is the best and he hates Sun Diego because they have all the San Diego riders he wishes his shop could get, but instead they have to run with Kristian Svitak and a bunch of other busters that no other shop wants.