Adidas Skate Copa Southwest Regionals 2015

Active team riders, Tre Williams, Jordan Hoffart, Chris Joslin, & Chase Webb take first this year on their way defending their title at the Adidas Skate Copa West Coast qualifiers. This year it was at the Westchester Skate Plaza. Stay tuned for the finals in September when they will be head-to-head with each regional shop in the finals!

Greeted by Dennis, Eric, & Tawnya
the homie David Reyes from Etnies & 303 Boards, first dude I saw ripping right when I got there.
Oh hey Tre!
Going Hoff!
Caught you reppin!
Yeee Chase!
Tre with a switch heel
Skate Copa!
Thee trophy from last year with Active’s name on it.
coincidentally, most cops I’ve seen really do push mongo…
Lannie Rhoades & Angel Ramirez sighting!
David Reyes back nose blunt
Chris Joslin
Jam about to start
Joslin Ghetto bird in yo face!
Jordan Hoffart frontside flip
James Craig, Jason Rothmeyer judge break.
etnies team mates, Chris Joslin & David Reyes
Chase Webb back smith the curve
Mike Sinclair’s got sun screen
each shop was allowed 1 pro. Val Surf’s got Joey Brezinski
Joslin frontside flip
Adidas’ OG Skin Phillips & Rep Dennis Bellew
Tre switch flip the boost to bar, not boost mobile ;)
Joslin nollie backside heel
Tre – big spin,
Exhausted & dausted after 2 jams. 1 more guys!
I blew it and forgot to get one of these commemorative adidas tee shirts by Gonz
Pizza for team riders only!
Chris Troy from Surf Ride got a “Since Way Back” award
Julian Christianson from 303 Boards “Too Damn Good!”
Franky Villani from Jack’s gets the “Boardr Boys Favorite” award
The guys at Pharmacy came in 3rd, they were shredding!
it came down to Jack’s Garage vs Active Ride Shop
Active wins
Congrats guys!
right after the Skate Copa was the Best Trick on the boost to bar. Things got hectic.
I didn’t get the name of this ripper, nor if I remembered him landing this or not! :D
Austin Flood from Jack’s takes the best trick with a fakie flip & frontside half cab flip at this stop!
Photo op with the bro’s!

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