Active’s 9th Annual Sponsor Me Contest

This last Sunday Active Ride Shop hosted the 9th Annual Sponsor Me Contest. The event was created to give up and coming riders a platform to showcase their talents and potentially get sponsored by the top snow brands in our Industry. Mountain High park staff built an amazing course that included a 35 ft Step down, a school yard down rail, and even had a one hitter in the half pipe. The event climaxed with the Sponsor Me Finals, which had the top 10 kids competing for the top spot. It was a close final, but young Patrick Kennedy edged out Utah ripper Jesse Ramirez with a tribute move to Ben Hinkley; the double front flip. Thanks again to Rome Snowboards, 32 boots, Vestal, VZ, Neff, Jarritos and of course Mt High and USASA staff for making this event possible. See you next year!

1st Patrick Kennedy
2nd Jesse Ramirez
3rd Justin Rightsell
Nathaniel Kennedy

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