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Active x Thrice

By now, the decks have sold out. But here’s an unscripted & unplanned conversation with Active Pro, Don “Nuge” Nguyen & Thrice members, Ed Breckenridge & Teppei Teranishi catching up on some good times back in the day being part of the old Active Irvine crew. Filmed & Edit by Lannie Rhoades.
Photos below by Tanner Cribbs.


active interview photos

Fbf to a couple weeks ago hanging with my old pal @nuge666, talking about the @thrice_official and @activerideshop collab board and the good ol' days. I first met Don around 98(?) when him and a couple of his buddies first came out to California. I remember my bud Mike (@huskyroundup) telling us he'd met a crew of dudes from OKC who were out in California for the summer and were killing it. We ended up becoming good friends and skated every day, showing them all the spots around Orange County. Don even crashed in my room for a few months when he first moved out. We eventually drifted apart, what with @thrice_official starting to tour and Don's skate career taking off, but it was sweet to reconnect over skateboarding and come full circle. Skateboarding is da besss #coolstorybro #TL;DR

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