Active X Altamont Bowling Royale

April 1st 2010 marked the third annual Active X Altamont Bowling Royale. It was a great night of bowling, beers, pizza, trash talking, and for Active—Retribution.

Sole tech team-

Mike Lawson, Brian Greer, Aaron Vujicic, Lance Eddy, Alex Franks, Bethany Roe, BK, Christian Scott, Travis Culver, Dave Appel (guest), Tanya Appel (guest), Jessica Stone (guest) and Jon Strattan (guest)

Active team-

Mike Viscusi, Bobby Goodwin, Tyson Boretz, Elsie Marquez, Todd Wakeling, Sonny Nigro, Scott Reynolds, Brent Futagaki, Brad Disabella, Keith Beckley, Tyler Bochenek, Tony Rea and Chris Herman

Last year was a tight match and Active was down one key player—Jonny AZ, without him they fell just a few points to the evil Sole Tech horde… the first year Jonny dominated the Sole Tech cronies and helped secure a victory.  But in his absence Sole Tech grew stronger.  Emerica’s Lance Eddy was throwing stones on par with Ernie McCracken and Active straight got Munsoned…

Just before April 1st approached, Jonny backed out yet again due to an alarming case of Bitch-itis (apparently the cure -being a man- was well out of Jonny’s grasp).  The outcome looked foreboding for Active… Lance was on a war path the year prior and seemed unstoppable. Kristin was suppose to break his arm with a baseball bat, but she didn’t show up… Yes things looked gloomy, until Active’s Sonny Nigro stepped on the scene; homeboy turned that night into a Thanksgiving dinner, turkey’s were being tossed around with reckless-abandonment.

The night resulted in Active defeating Sole Tech and taking home the Gold!

Winner- Active!!

Highest Score- Sonny Nigro

Worst Score- Dave Appel

Worse Style- Todd Wakeling

The Series- Active 2  Sole Tech 1

Next year they can try to tie things up…

Big thanks to the Sole Tech cats for rolling out and putting everything together!!

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