Active Snow Sponsor Me Contest 2008

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?Sponsor Me? what a concept, in day and age where getting noticed is as difficult as finding a parking spot during Christmas time, Active, Rome, Vans, and Von Zipper simply made it easier by bringing the spot light to Mt. High so kids can show their skills for a shot at a 1 year sponsorship from the these respectable companies. This is the 7th Annual Sponsor Me Contest and by far the best one. The course showcased several different jibs as well as the addition of a 40ft jump this year. The riding was better than we could have ever imagined, not to mention the winner had no sponsors what so ever. We are stoked to be hooking him up for this next year! Big thanks to Rome, Vans, Von Zipper, Vestal, Skull Candy, Mt High, Boost Mobil and Vans for all the support on another great year!Error loading Flickr galleryRESULTS: Men?s Open Division-1st place-Geoff Isringhansen2nd place-Brendan Simons3rd place-Josh Shaheen4th place-Charles Evans Jr.Women?s Division-1st place-Nirvana Ortanez2nd place-Breanne Wright3rd place-Chloe KimGrom Division-14 and under1st place-Wyatt Reimer2nd place-Christian Koppen3rd place-Dillon McDaniels

i am way better then that kid he didn’t do anything i couldnt it just look like there was no one at the comp

Congrats to the winners! That was a great video to watch for the snowboarding and the laughs from Von Zipper’s GT. 😉