Active Rider Ethan Loy – New Footage

Ethan Loy

Check out Active Rider Ethan Loy’s newest footage. Yes, Ethan is David Loy’s younger brother. Ethan is also the infamous Bryce Loy’s younger brother as well.

Check out this 13 year old ripper…

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Ethan Loy
D.O.B.: 12/26/95 – 13 years old
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Sponsors: Hurley flow, Autobahn Wheels flow, Destructo flow, Etnies flow, and Active Ride Shop
Years Skating: 5
Favorite Skaters: Stefan Janoski, Jerry Hsu, Shane O’Neal & Theotis Beasley
Favorite Skate Video: Subtleties

and the humble dude who calls himself “God” thinks Ethan might become a “cocky little ****-head prick!” Sounds like a nard licker to me…

ethan is a great skater and one of the smartest and nicest kids i know–his brothers are cool too if you take the time to get to know them

the fact that you think ethan is a **** clearly shows that you dont know him because ethan is a nice kid, rips and deserves the coverage.

i didn’t say he doesn’t rip, i simply know what this kind of coverage and pressure does to the young mind. he’s going to be another grant taylor, amazing at skateboading, but a d-i-c-k.

does anyone know Bryce Loys myspace page?? I think his hair is so awesome, his little brothers are so cute too :)))

Ethan has a pretty solid style for only being 13… I think GOD is high on something “not of this world”!

ethan! damn so sick! i’m hyped your growing up! and is amazing at skateboarding!
i don’t even know what the hell GOD is saying, i bet he doesn’t even skate and sucks at life, all he does probably is sit at home all day and hate on little kids that are better than him
what a ****!

this kid does not need to be getting coverag yet, he’s got no chance off growing up to be a cool skater, he’s gonna be a cocky little ****-head prick!