Active Ride Shop launches The WORKSHOP!

On June 10th, a crowd gathered as The WORKSHOP was unveiled inside Active Santa Monica. The WORKSHOP includes installations from TOMS shoes, Krochet Kids, Falling Whistles, and Obey Awareness and is designed to be “a space where your hands, your voice, and our actions come together to create positive change in communities across the globe”.  

The WORKSHOP is part of a greater initiative for Active called Work & Progress.  “Work & Progress is an initiative that exists to advance the cause-related visions of both Active’s partners and communities by inviting shoppers to play a dynamic role in positively shaping the lives of individuals in both local communities and developing communities around the world.”

To learn more about Work & Progress and The Workshop visit

And be sure to check out photos and video of the Launch event, and stop by Active Santa Monica to step inside The WORKSHOP!!

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