Active Revolt 2 Jeans Video Review

Check out our very first product review here at Active. The Revolt jean is one of the coolest pairs of jeans we carry, and we thought it would be cool to do a little video to show you some of their finer points.

Review by: Ned Casual A.K.A. Mark “Fugaz” Robinson

Ned skates for: Active Ride Shop Santa Monica/Burbank, Elias Fashion CO-OP, Emerica, Cathedral Skateboards, Hi-Fi Wheels, Elm Company Headwear, Von Zipper, S-One Helmets.

Video by Daniel Haney

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Revolt 2 Denim 2 for $29.99

they fit perfect for me, every time i skate i wear a pair, there the best pants ive had in a long time

Now they need a reform denim review, i got 3 pairs only problem is that im a littly chunky so i order a size up and use a shoelace belt

If what Trong said is true I’m kinda bummed because these pants look awesome. It seems like they’ll be just like CCS pants which fit awesome but about a size and a half too small.

Is the guy in the video wearing a size too small or are they his normal size?Not that theres anything against them but it seems like he’s wearing under armor alomst…haha.These jeans are sick i just wish theyd get more in stock on the site:)

If anyone can answer 3 questions, I’ll appreciate it:
1. What is the difference between revolt core, revolt denim, and revolt 2?
2. Are the revolt core, revolt denim, and revolt 2 jeans all 2 for 29.99 each?
3. What do you guys give the all of the three types of revolt jeans a rating(out of 5)?

They are that tight so if you think theyre too tight you might want to order a size up. Thats what I’m gonna do. ya dig.

I have one question are the jeans like tight in the video or like kind of loose off the leg?

these pants are really cool and all but they’re not exactly true to their size.
i usually wear about 28in. waist so i bought these pants in 28s and i could put them on easily but the problem was i couldn’t button it…

these jeans are the shiz, the only ones i like to buy no only because of the price but the comfort and the fit. these are more comfortable than KR3W and those other crappy brands. So buy ACTIVE Jeans NOW

how true to size do these fit? i’ve heard the waist is a little smaller than normal…and are these the same as revolt cores?

I’ve got a black and blue pair but the black one is way to tigh around legs but really on the waist, the blue one are great! love the price, revolt cores ar only 40$!

yo, check this: the homeboy is sick up in dem pants, lookin’ all skinny and rollerskatin’ round all the city an all the fashion doodes and mamas faces like “check this out lil mama, don’t be jelous player im just rockin her socks off” yeah. props to the homeboy, ya dig?