Active NYC Trip!

Vans treated Active’s top executives and top co-workers who won a Vans sales contest out for a trip to the Big Apple for the first ever Bowl-A-Rama in NYC last week!!! Check out a couple photos that Active Temecula‘s very own Tara Washington took from the trip! Also, rad coverage from the Bowl-A-Rama photos can be seen on Skateboarder Magazine HERE.

House of Vans Brooklyn

Tony Alva @ Half Cab 20th Anniversary Party House of Vans
Tony Frickin’ Alva at the Half Cab 20th Anniversary Party at the House of Vans in Brooklyn!…

Steve Cabellero @ Half Cab 20th Anniversary House of Vans Brooklyn!
Steve Cabellero! Man of the Shoe…

Steve Cabellero w/Agent Orange
Steve Cabellero playing with Agent Orange!!!

Steve Cabellero w/Agent Orange

Steve Cabellero w/Agent Orange

Sticker Slap

Half Cabs
Stevie Williams with Half Cabs…

Christian Hosoi
Legend! No need to name drop…

Vans Off The Wall
Some sweet memorabilia at the Vans showroom in NYC.

Vans Showroom Office

Historic Pieces @ Vans Showroom

Vans Vault

Vans Art


Active x Vans Crew

Dinner w/ Steve Van Doren
Dinner with Steve Van Doren!

Active Crew w/ Steve Van Doren!

Active Booth @ Vans Bowl-A-Rama
Active Ride Shop booth at Vans Bowl-A-Rama!

Bowl-A-Rama Merch
Bowl-A-Rama merch…

Active Sunglasses
Free shades & Shop Built catalog… Joey lookin’ good.

Active Tattoos
Active (temporary) Tattoos…

Vans Bowlarama Tees
more mech…

Sticker ’em up!

The branding was well there…

Active Crew w/ Christian Hosoi!
Christian Hosoi!!

Peep the video coverage provide by Thrasher HERE.