Active Introduces: Mike Mo Capaldi

Mike Mo Capaldi Active Ad

Active Ride Shop has a new kid on the block. Last year Active added Paul Rodriguez and Braydon Szafranski to the team this year, Simi Valley 18 year old professional; Mike Mo Capaldi. If you’d like to check out Mike Mo’s Day in the Life, Photos, Ads, and BIO, we have it all at your finger tips! YES, that is real ice cream… Cheers!

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well mike mo does ride for skate lab, then active , before that ig board shop, then surfinwest was his first shop … he must like all the shops
but still a rippin sellout … oh well some forget its about skateboarding

u sign mike mo and drop all us local kids.

Billy’s was better.


I want to give a shout out to Elsinore Active and Mission Valley Active.

Dirty E lives on and Daygo is bringing it!!!

Mike Mo is a young pro on the rise in the skateboard industry so it is only fitting that he ride for the fastest growing skate shop in the industry. Mo is a perfect addition to the Active Pro Team and can take his seat next to other Simi Valley locals such as Torey Pudwill and Paul Rodriguez.

P.S. Nick Mclouth = Skate Mental