Active Burbank California Dreamin’ Art Event

On April 7th Active Burbank hosted an amazing event called California Dreamin’. The event featured local artists showcasing California themed artwork. Active Burbank employees Kieth Marlow, and Vince Skelly organized the event which showcased paintings, photography and even live screen printing of t-shirts. Daniel Haney filmed and edited a short video documenting the night. Check it out below. Next time you’re in the Burbank area, stop in and say hi to Sasha, Kieth, and Vince, and give ’em a “good game” for me.

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hahah!!Aryios face!hahah!!


shoulda made a fugaz shirt!!!!!!

that woulda been DOPE!SON!

big ups to Gosha for holdin it down like always….his art is amazing..and to sasha and all the other artist im glad i drove 40 mins just for the love of art congrats and i hope there more to come…………………evOL LOve kid