Active Army Zac Archuleta

A gnarly man of faith, Zac Archulta holding it down for the Army at our Huntington Beach store. Recently turning pro for Siren Skateboards and featured in the video Foolishness with the likes of Josh Harmony, Brian Sumner Lance Mountain and Hosoi, the homie has been on the hustle. God has been good to this man, sending  him on skate missions abroad and all over the beatiful US of A! We are very proud to have Zac ripping for the big A! For more info on how you can sign up for Active Army, read below.

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Zac Rips and loves the Lord! The bible is clear when it says that people will hate us. So Thanks for proving the bible true haters!

Its okay for other companies to use SATAN to sell their skateboards? haha makes no sense man. Those guys represent what the believe in whether they sell boards or not.

i’ve seen this dude around. one of the cockiest ******** i have ever met. that whole jesus freak team (siren and reliance) is a bunch of jerks. they use jesus to sell their boards, but act like total jerks at all the parks. keep religion and ******** out of skateboarding!

this one is the syliest one yet, so much better than the last guys. His was all blurry and didnt do to many cool tricks. Unlike this dude.