Active Army: Taylor Kirby

Active Army fans, I present to you Taylor Kirby. Born and bred in good ol’ San Clemente, Kirby be chillin with the Shep Dawgs steady ripping up all of So Cal. A junior at San Clemente High and full time shreddy head for Osiris flow. Enjoy this nice digital moving picture show put together by Taylor’s good buddy Jacob Nunez. Read below to find out how you can represent for the Active Army proper!!!

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WOW rippen all over calli i like the sf footage the best, nice production on the video Jacob can’t wait to see more from the shep dawg crew

how can you compare this kid to mullen and andy mac when this kid dose not do one trick like mullen not one freestyle trick or dark slide not even one casper slide and he dont even skate on vert to compare him to andy mac i dont know what video you seen but i saw nothing saying he was better then those two only guy that compares to mullen is richie jackson as for andy mac i would say plg or bob