Active Army Starts Now! Anthony Nuckols

Active’s unsaid tradition of shop sponsoring local skaters since 1989 has now taken a step towards maturity and an air of excellence never before seen from a retailer. I’m proud to bring to you Anthony Nuckols as the first Active Army rider to be posted here on the Active People site featuring his digital footage. This soft spoken young man was originally born in Texas, but grew up in San Marcos. His sponsors are Active Ride Shop Escondido, FKD, Silver, Control Wheels and Orisue.

After you check his footy, read below and learn how you can land a sponsorship with your local Active Ride Shop and help carry the Active Army tradition into the next century!

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******* anthony killing ittt, glad i could help put this vid together & film **** **** for him, look out for more banging footage!!

Sick bro. thank you soo much. I love blingfest it is the best contest EVER. i think it’s better than Tampa

Steve? Haven’t you heard of an “Army of One”? Smooth A-Hole comment! Is that Steve Hernandez??? If not, it sounds like something he would say haha!!!

Let me get on the mailorder team…pleeeaaaseee

i order from you guys all the time and send in videos and i used to shoot photos and crap

Wow I did all those tricks seven years ago!! If all you have to be is just OK, I guess active will have a big army.