Active Army, Derek Dunaway!

 Check out Active Army youthful ripper Derek Dunaway skating out of Active Temecula. No music necessary, just powerful tricks! Enjoy and read below to find out how you can join the Active Army. Don’t think of us as a typical Army, although I have nothing but respect for our Armed Forces. Think of Active Army as a collection of individuals fighting for the same cause, which is to get down on their boards for reasons all their own. Skate or die, ollie high!

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Respect, Im all about what you guys are doing giving props to the “Street soldier’s” that are climbing that ladder.

Big up’s to Active and all the homies paying their Dues in the Street’s!

hustlin go suck a fat one,and derek will eat you alive i with james on that all the way,and your probably a ****** poser that buys gay ass clothes so shut your mouth and like i said before go suck a fat one

Man hustlin’ you seriously that big of a pro ho. Billy rips but he’s already having it happen. This is cool cause its trying to put shop riders out there. Dont be bummed you didnt win and Derek did. Stay Mongo.

Derek Rips, RIP FERN CMB


I can’t believe that you guys put up stuff like this but don’t even bother to put a link to Billy Marks battle commander footage which is about 1000x better. you guys suck