Active Army Corey Hendricks!

 Corey Hendricks, a recent transplant from Gillespie, Illinois. Now he’s chilling in San Diego working graveyard shifts and ripping everyday! He’s found a home at our Mission Valley store and we couldn’t be happier. When it comes to demos or events, Corey is Johnny on the spot.

 Corey’s sponsors are Active Ride Shop, Character Skateboards, Adio Flow and Plan Nine Skate Park in IL. If you’re looking for a shop to call home, look into Active Army today.  Read below for more info. Skate or Die!  

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Funny you mention Ridgecrest. I just moved there, haven’t skated the park yet but I’ve definitely seen worse lol.

Yay for the midwest!! skating skills havent quite caught up with his guitar hero skills.. ha still sick. Give this man his own board!! wait… abd. give em another one!

ps…. “dat butt”

Tearing it up out there kid. Hope your doing better than we are over here. And from what i can see, your doing hella well. Keep it up!

the real love of your life…

Hell Yeah Corey! You kill everything you skate. Look out west coast Corey is on a mission. Special thanks goes out to Active for recognizing what Corey has to offer.

Congrats! from everyone at Character

Thanks for representing

damn i just went from 6 to 12 in 1 min and 4 seconds he goes hard on that wood. oh and hes pretty good at skatboarding i guess haha

your biggest fan brandon

yo shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitts weeeeak

ha the noseslide sex change what the **** maybe you should think about getting a real sex change youd be the best shemale skate ever

with all the love in my heart dolan

right on corey
looks like Cali has been treatin ya real nice
youve got a bunch more **** down
when ya gunna give me that plane ticket to skate some good spots?hahah

AMAzing. Corey is on mission, so far my favorite skater to go out and shoot photos with. Always get a shot with him.

nice work! way to represent for the midwest, especially from an area that has hardly any decent skate spots.

keep it up, justin hays

yeah corey has always been the sickest skater that ive ever had the privledge growin up to skate with…he gives me hella inspiration to skate better and learn new tricks…what else can u say hes a beast – much love bk