Active Army Alex Valdez

Straight repping the Long Beach Army is Alex Valdez. Long time homie, you may have seen him at Active demo events, out at local skateparks, or just street spots, skating it up. Down for Active and supporting for a minute now! Shredding for JSLV, VOX, Fury Trucks, Kontrol Wheels and now Active! Always full of smiles, be sure to slap hands and say what’s up when you see him around. This is Alex Valdez, Long Beach Active Army. Big thanks to Serg for quality part! HUURRAAHHHH!!


If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of this army cruise by your local Active and talk to the team manager. Read below for more details  


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wow wow wow wow!!!
all i have to say is he needs to come up fast cuz ive nver heard of this guy but damnit hes so good

damn i was there that day of the front feeble
it was too crazy he just shows up with all these filmers and photographers then he 5050 the 16 first try no warm up
then smith then eventually did that front feeble hes too good
jslv for life