Active Army: 10 tricks w/ Hendricks

Once again Corey Hendricks gets down for the Active Army! This little park is down the street from Corey’s pad… He spent very little time to clock these good guys! Corey is reppin’ the Mission Valley Active with a goodness and style all his own and still finds time to work nights at Wall Mart. Pretty sure that will change real soon!

After you watch the video, scroll down and read about how you too can represent the Active Army.

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I’d like to bring attention to the nollie flip bs lip? ha siick. youre getting a lot smoother with youre tricks too. theyre lookin nice.

That’s our boy!!!Your family here on the East Coast is so very proud. Keep up the good work and stay safe. Love ya

Keep killing it man, we miss yeah back here in sweet home chicago.
BTW that blunt heel bodyvarial was TITS, my friend. BIG PHAT TITS.

Keep it real.

ahh Corey its Ramel my dog! ***** steezy. Should have hit you up before I moved to the bay. Daygo is looking hella crispy.

Great Job Corey! You’re lucky you get to do what you love so much. Keep up the great work, miss you.

Ah Corey, how you’ve grown. It seems like just yesterday you were rockin the upside down/backwards visor tearin up the mean streets of Gillespie. Good job man. Although, I’m still waiting to see you bust out the infamous double fakie ollie grind.

This park and part were pretty sick
The blunt heel sex change looked so tight
Keep killing it Corey

This is the ish I’m talking about. Repping STL and the Chi all in one scruffy bundle of GNAR!! Berric’s better recognize Kyle Terbush isn’t the only one from Illinois that’s killin it in Cali

You’re pretty amazing babe. I bet you’ve got other tricks up your sleeves..
Love you