Active and DJ Episode-Bringing the Beats to the Streets

DJ Episode and Active - Bringing the Beats to the Streets Flyer

Join Active and DJ Episode at any of the listed locations and get hooked up with free stuff and an earful of tunes!

06-20-07 Active Tustin 7-9PM
06-27-07 Active Orange 7-9PM
06-28-07 Active Santa Monica 8-10PM
07-05-07 Active Rancho 7-9PM
07-11-07 Active Burbank 8-10PM
07-12-07 Active San Dimas 7-9PM
07-18-07 Active Simi Valley7-9PM

yo, the vibe is good!!
Burbank, Orange, Tustin, and Rancho have been off the hook!!
Simi your next!!!