Active Am Top 5 Results!

The top 5 of the contest goes as follows:

1. Brandon Westgate – $6,000

2. Andrew Langi – $3,000

3. Daryl Angel – $2,000

4. Taylor Smith

5. Jordan Hoffart

Best Trick:

Marius Syvanen – $1,000 – Backside Noseblunt on the elevated box

Ridiculous amounts of coverage to follow! Thanks to everyone who came to the event and thanks to all of the day’s sponsors for making the day possible!

Taylor Smith killed the final and Jordan Hoffart too.
1st Taylor Smith
2nd Jordan Hoffart
3rd Daryl Angel
4th Andrew Langi
5th Brandon West Gate
thats the way it went down .

I went there and security at UPS (right next to active) was telling everyone to stop jumping off the stairs