Active Am Results Photos & Video

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The best Ams in the business skated Active Am 2007. The contest consisted of 30 top Ams including: Nick Trapasso, Keegan Sauder, Chris Troy, Jordan Hoffart, Jon Goemann, Terrel Robinson, Angel Ramirez, Justin Brock, Daryl Angel, Theotis Beasley, James Hardy, and many more.

After the jam session heats on different obstacles, the top 10 looked like this:

Wes Kremer = 89.10
Chris Pfanner = 85.99
David Loy = 84.66
Greg Myers = 83.44
Gilbert Crockett = 81.77
Angel Ramirez = 80.77
Marquis Preston = 79.77
Terrel Robinson = 76.33
Marius Syvanen = 75.88
Taylor Smith = 74.22

After throwing down numerous tricks on the obstacles and impressing the judges, Wes Kremer walked away with the $5,000 grand prize for overall skater of the day.
The judges of the contest were Mike Sinclair, Paul Sharpe, Kenny Anderson, Scuba Steve, and Ryan Weber.

Thanks to the judges and event sponsors: Vans, Red Bull, Zero Skateboards, Boost Mobile and Transworld Magazine.

Video By: DH

All Photos: Erik Bragg


isnt there better photos? lik all up in the action because the photos look boring and the footy is filmed boring.

Web watched both events and the AM event was way better. Looked like any of the top three could have won. I would have picked Chris, but I wasn’t there.