Active Aliso Viejo Grand Opening Recap

Just confirmed, Active Aliso Viejo is launching on March 28th, 2015!
***UPDATE!!! (3/30/15)
Thanks to everyone of you who came out to support the Grand Opening of Active Aliso Viejo! Here is a video & photo recap from that day!

Rise & Shine!
First in line
Active Aliso Viejo socks! exclusively to this shop
give ’em what they want!
eager mcbeaver!
Skull of Fame series from Girl. Sean Cliver art. Koston Bowie deck!
The whole store looks great
Skate Section


Sole Tech’s Pierre-André Senizergues & Active’s Rick Mina
Chandler & Adonis
Kristine & Diana, outta the office and into the @volcom instagram!
Chris Gregson & Futo go way back from the Irvine days
Figgy, Riley, Collin, Gregson, chillin’ before the signing
dudes all ready!
a shoutout to Volcom with our mutual team riders, Kyle Walker & Collin Provost
redvines & a latte
cheers Figgy!
Jamie Thomas arrives
Jamie Thomas, Chris Joslin, Guy Mariano, Riley Hawk
pizza courtesy of Vans
dude had a sick denim vest he got signed by the team
Figgy Baker deck, Collin also signing his Toy Machine deck. sick!
Slash & his Deathwish pro model
This stoked man came all the way from Temecula
Pleased to meet you
Did a giveaway on this signed deck on our instagram. Go peep it!
Rad dad brings his kids & friends out to the grand opening! thanks for coming!
I shoulda got one
thanks to Bill Keller & his son Caleb for coming through!
Riley & Slash
We back them and they back us. Honored to be working with this team & the ones that couldn’t make it out to the signing.
a rare a sighting, two of skateboarding’s most influential icons right here. Very honored & thankful! Jamie Thomas & Guy Mariano
Chris Gregson & his very proud mom! <3
Chris Joslin always makes time for the kids!

We’d like to thank every one who took the time to drive out here for the grand opening! Also to all the brands and team riders for coming out and stoking everybody here!

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