Active 2006 Year in Review


2006 was a huge year for Active, filled with new store openings, video premieres, skate demos, autograph signings and much, much more. Check out all the events you were at, and all the ones you missed, this is the Active 2006 year in review.

March 2nd- The Supra Launch Event

image003.jpgTo kick off 2006 Events we held a Supra Launch party in Burbank that was insane. Hundreds of loyal skate fans showed up to be among the first in the whole wide world to get their Supra stuff. Everything from sticker to shoes were flying off shelves and we were the first to bring exclusively to you. There was also an after party that went off, Supra and Active closed the bar down.

March 17th- Bag of Suck Premiere at Active Brea

The Bag of Suck Premiere included a signing by the Enjoi team that was mayhem as expected. After the video was shown they signed autographs for anyone and everyone! Enjoi Riders: Caswell Berry, Jose Rojo & Clark Hassler (not to mention Kenny Anderson, Torey Pudwill, Evan Hernandez & Lamare Hemmings) all showed up to check out the flick with Brea locals and good times were had as always.

March 24th and 25th- Kayo Video Premieres

Kayo rolled through in full posse mode. The entire Kayo team was at both the Rancho and Burbank signings. Rancho and Burbank brought out a ton of skate fans that were ready to see a great video, get some stuff signed, and as always get some free stuff to take home! The Kayo guys hung out, helped judge a game of skate and even judged a freestyle rap-battle in Rancho. Everything turned out Kay-O-kay.

March 2006- Active Mission Viejo Opens

We opened our fifth store in Orange County in Mission Viejo. Located directly off the 5 freeway the store has done great thus far and continues to do well. The store is huge and has a great selection of all your favorites styles.

April 8th- Corey Smith Active/Ambiguous Art Show

Ambiguous and Active teamed up to present an Art Show by a very talented Artist and Snowboarder by the name of Corey Smith. People and VIP's traveled from far and wide to check out the show and to let the good times roll. Johnny Layton, Dylan Reider, Ragdoll, Braydon Szafranski and others all showed up ready to have a good time. Corey Smith's art is unique and intriguing and the event was a special evening filled with art, music, laughs and good times!

May 6th- Stereo Team Signing and 411 Video Premiere

The Stereo signing brought out the big guns when Jason Lee, Chris Pastras and the rest of the Stereo Sound Agents rolled into Burbank Active. The line wrapped around the store and on top of the signing we held a video premiere for the 411 Video Pastras had recently done the artwork for. Nice!

June 2nd- July 22nd- Hot Dogs and Hessians So Cal!

June was the kick off of Hot Dogs and Hessians 2006. Starting in Brea and going across the USA, and ending in Vegas, we truly outdid ourselves by adding the Ohio or Bust Tour. Now people across the country have felt the Hot Dog eatin' skate lovin' good time!

June 2nd- Circa Video Premiere

The night of the first Hot Dogs and Hessians we held a premier for the C1rca Video which featured Active riders Jon Allie, Adrian Lopez as well as Tony Tave. C1rca brought out a ton of promo which they threw out to the product hungry crowd after the video premiered and the skies were falling with C1rca gear and product of all shaped and sizes.

June 2006- Billy Marks Welcome to the team

We made it official Billy Marks was added to Active's Professional Team. Billy Marks has been taking skateboarding to the next level for years all the while he's been repping Active gear and stickers all over the world as well as all over magazines. It was an easy decision to put Billy on the team and we will be seeing a ton of Billy in 07'.

June 4th- Alien Workshop Demo

The Alien Workshop Demo brought out skaters from all over the country who unite to make Alien Workshop what it is! Some of the best skateboarding and entertainment went down with these guys and some special guests. Captain and Casey also showed up to hang and see the guys do what they do best. Brea had it good!

June 9th- Black Label Video Premiere

The Black Label Video is so good that this premiere is probably burned in the minds of everyone who attended. The couple hundred who gathered to watch the video were all impressed and eager to get the stars of the video's autographs after the flick was through. The Black Label Team signed and hung out and San Dimas was thankful for them.

June 16th-26th- Ohio or Bust Tour

Ohio or Bust was the Brainchild of our President Shane Wallace after the Alien Workshop demo went so well, he decided that we needed to bring the Hot Dogs and Hessians Tour to them, in Ohio. They are located in Dayton so that's where we headed. Trudging through heat waves and cacti, they wandered America and hit skateparks all over the place along the way to Ohio, just in time for Go Skateboarding Day. We also sent out Jim Greco and Steve Berra to Ohio to make it even more special! The Ohio or Bust Tour didn't stop there it ended up going through Denver and all the way down to Vegas to finish the tour off with a bang.

June 2006 – The Hessians Arrive in Denver

Denver had a ton of crazy weather and crazy kids ready to throw themselves down the obstacles at the Skatepark and we happily gave them a ton of product until the weather brought the party to an end that went from an 80+ degree day to a thunderstorm! Johnny Layton came to Denver with me and hung out with the locals and signed autographs and represented Vans and Active to the max!

June 2006 – Vegas Hessians

From Denver we ended the trip in Vegas where it was a star studded event. Ambiguous brought out the heavy hitters who are just about all from Vegas, Braydon, Ragdoll, Matt Ball, Sean Eaton came with Ambiguous and we also had Kenny Anderson, Johnny Layton, Antwuan Dixon and the Muska were all in the house! We also can't forget that Vans brought the thunder with the Vans vehicle brought out to Vegas full of product and Vans riders! The skating was crazy, the heat was out of control, and Active took over Vegas and it's not the last Vegas will be seeing of us!

July 7th- Warped Tour Pomona

Warped tour was probably the craziest event we have been a part of that isn't Bling Fest. We had the perfect spot at the event. We were directly next to the main stage and the barrier between us and the sea of people was our Active Van! We utilized the van by getting on top of it and getting the crowd of thousands to chant “Active, Active:” for some free product. It was great. We had a wheel of doom people could spin and perform the challenge that the wheel landed on for free product. We also spray painted stenciled Active logos, the horns, and anything people requested. We literally sprayed peopled entire upper bodies, their heads, etc. it was insane! Warped tour go-ers are good sports and we like them!
We've said it before and we will say it again.

July 16th- Zero Demo

TheZero Demo was the demo of the year. Jamie and his Trojans came through Riverside like a plague and the crowd got a show like none other of its caliber. Zero came with over 10 guys who skated through some ridiculous heat and were pulling tricks and maneuvers that inspired the Riverside natives to push themselves on their boards. The Zero team and some of the Mystery guys also stayed until 9pm signing autographs for every last person who wanted a signature! That's what we like to see! Dedication!

July 20, 21, and 22 Etnies 3 Day Hot Dogs and Hessians

The Etnies 3-Day Hot Dogs and Hessians Co-op was super fun and always a nuisance when they bring out the Etnies Team loaded into a Van and a decked out Etnies RV. They made spending the hot days in the sun exciting and they even made t-shirts and stickers to go along with the Hot Dogs and Hessians theme! They hit Costa Mesa, San Dimas and Temecula. Etnies were psyched, skate fans were psyched and our Hessians along have once again remained victorious in the skateboard battlegrounds of Southern California.

July 21st- Transworld Video Premiere

We held a Video Premiere for the Transworld flick A Time to Shine at San Dimas Active on the second night of the Etnies 3-Day. The video filmed by Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez features Paul Rodriguez with Mike Taylor & Jereme Rogers, Dylan Rieder, Cooper Wilt with Daewon Song & Chris Haslam, Chad Tim Tim, Ronson Lambert and Chris Roberts with Joey Brezinski & Kenny Anderson. San Dimas received it with open arms and up-roaring applause. It was a hit!

July 29th– Emerica Demo

The Emerica Demo in Orange was, as expected from this group of guys, crazy. The team rolled in on their Bikes, I'm not talking about Huffy, I'm talking motorcycle gang style. They came and met Hector Ramos from Make a Wish whose wish was to meet the Emerica team and his favorite skateboarder, Leo Romero. After taking photos and chatting it up the team shredded the street course and signed hundreds of autographs. People were going nuts for the skateboarding and were given a ton of promo to go along with the entertainment. The event went off like a bomb, just the way we like it!

July 2006- Active Lake Elsinore Opens

Active opened our 16th location in Lake Elsinore. Located off of the 15 freeway in the Lake Elsinore Outlets, this store has bridged the gap between our Norco and Temecula Store Locations.

August 5th- Kr3w and Supra Signings

The KR3W and Supra signings had people trekking across Orange County form Brea to Irvine for a day doubled up with signings. They signed inside the Brea store for a couple hours then headed straight over to the Irvine store which had a line going around the block. As they always do, they stayed till the last person got an autograph and Orange County had their Kr3W/Supra hay day.

August 19th & 20th- DVS/Matix Demos

The DVS/Matix Street Champs and Mini Ramps Demos took over Mission Viejo and Lake Elsinore for 2 days of mini-ramp action. Daewon was in the house so you know there was some close to impossible stuff being thrown down with ease. Our friends Captain and Casey also came out the events which brought an added element of fun as always. These two dates were both Grand Opening events for both Mission Viejo and Lake Elsinore. These guys are the true Street Champ and Mini Ramp wrecking crew.

August 26th- Active Santa Monica Opens

Active's flagship store, Santa Monica, opened doors for the first time and there was a line all the way down Broadway almost taking over 3rd Street Promenade of people trying to get in and pick up some rare collectibles and special product we had for sale for the opening. Not to be outdone Santa Monica is a great looking store with tons of the best product making it a great place to stop by and do some shopping at in Santa Monica.

Sept 21st- Obey Shepard Fairey Signing/Dj Set

For Santa Monica's opening, Obey and Active teamed up to develop an Obey/Active Box Set which included a skate deck, t-shirt, hat and poster. There are only 150 of these boxes in the entire world and they all have Shepard Fairey's seal of approval. On top of the fact that we had a super special box set made, Shepard Fairey the Obey Giant himself, came to our store and signed autographs for Obey fans then proceeded to have a Dj set after signing inside the store. Shepard was super cool and did a great job at making this a great Santa Monica Grand Opening Event.

Sept 27th- Santa Monica Grand Opening Party

Less than a week after we held the Store Grand Opening Event we threw together an extravagant Industry Grand Opening. Tons of friends and family of Active came through and supported our Grand Opening with us. We had hor'deurves at the store, then we moved the party over to Zanzibar where we had an extra special Dj set by Dj Kid Millionaire himself, Steve Aoki. Everyone cut a rug and got down in the name of Active Santa Monica.

October- Erik Ellington Welcome to the Team!

October welcomed a new rider to the Active Professional Team, none other than Erik Ellington. As a great skateboarder and a great guy, Erik has made many contributions to skateboarding and we are proud to say that Mr. Ellington is an Official Active Team Rider. Erik Ellington has been pushing himself for years and there's only more to come!

October 19th- Burton Team Signing

The world Famous Burton Team came through out Santa Monica store to sign autographs on everything from snowboards to stickers. The guys patiently sat while signing for hundreds of snowboard fans as well as Olympic Gold Medalist, Shaun White, fans. The team was super cool and were friendly and had conversations with any and everyone who came through for the event.

Oct 22nd- Kr3w/Active Shop Contest

Kr3w put on a contest for Active Shops to see who would be crowned the Best Active Shop (as far as skating in a contest goes). Although it's not nice to choose favorites, from time to time the people on top of their game get recognized for their skill and Valencia took home the glory and some cash and iPods to go along with it. We're proud to say our Valencia store is full of rippers!

November 2nd – Tony Tave going Pro Party

In conjunction with Element we threwTony Tave a well deserved turning pro party. Tony has been a part of the Active Family for a while now and we have supported him heavily. Tony is the first Active Am skateboarder that we have ever done an ad with. The party was great. There was a cake fight, a live Dj set, balloons galore and champagne to go along with the celebration. Special guests were definitely in order and pro's rolled through to celebrate with Tony on his big day. Once again, Congrats Mr. Tony Tave!

November 4th- Westwood Opens

We opened our Westwood store up to a bunch of shoe hungry sneaker fans! The store is located near UCLA and is located right off of Broxton in the shopping area downtown. It's a great looking store and the Westwood area is Active's newest home of 2006.

November 11th- Fallen Demo

The Fallen demo is a day no one could forget. The Fallen Team created sketchy obstacles and skated as if it was the last day on earth. On top of ripping they signed for hours and stayed until the last person there had gotten an autograph. They also gave out over a thousand dollars worth of promo to everyone. Beanies, hoodies and other product was flowing like wine. It was a sight to see. Thanks again to the Black Box brotherhood.

November 11th- Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Video Premiere

Mr. Rogers has quite a following in Valencia so it was no wonder there were kids covering the parking lot ready to check out the video that featured numerous Active riders. Jereme and crew showed up and hung out for the evening and gave hi-fives all around to all the skate fans who were psyched on the video. There's much more to come from all of the riders featured on this flick.

November 18th- Bling Fest 2006

Bling Fest is the culmination of thousands of people, hundreds of skateboarders and dozens of companies getting together to support skateboarding and its health. We had $10,000 in Hundred Dollar Hammers we were giving out to skaters who were willing to go all out and pull tricks that are Hammer worthy. Transworld also gave out $2,500 for best trick. The overall winner of the day was Dennis Busenitz and Andrew Reynolds followed in a close second overall. Dennis and Andrew got hooked up with cash and prizes from Active, Vans and Transworld and walked away a bit richer. We have an official site up for Bling Fest now! So check it out!

November 19th- Active Am 2006

The first Annual Active Am was held the day after Bling Fest and went off like a grenade. The top six of the contest were: David Loy, Nick Dompierre, Tony Cervantes, Justin Figueroa, Sean Malto and Terrell Robinson. All of the Am's skated hard and David Loy ended up victorious, with a wad of $5,000 cash. Marquise Preston came up on $2,500 for winning best trick! There is a ton of coverage on our Active Am official website that we recently launched as well. Check it out!

December 2nd- Lakai Signing

The Lakai signing was held in Santa Monica and the line wrapped around the store as we expected. After waiting in line, once you got to the front there to greet you were Marc Johnson, Scott Johnston, Brandon Biebel, Eric Koston, Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, what more could you ask for. Lakai printed a sweet limited edition poster which they signed for the masses. Rick Howard also hung out and checked out a small Game of SKATE that we held outside the store. The Lakai video is going to be dropping soon so keep your eyes peeled because you better believe Active will be holding a Video Premiere before
everyone else!

December 9th- KR3W/Supra Signings

The KR3W/Supra Signings in Temecula and San Dimas were outrageous as expected. When you have Erik Ellington, Chad Muska and the rest of the Kr3w around you know there's bound to be a massive crowd of people waiting to catch a glimpse and chat with the Team. They made a bunch of unique posters for the signing as well and they were trekking around So Cal in the name of Active for a day!

December 10th- Reynolds, Ellington and Greco Signing

Jim Greco, Andrew Reynolds and Erik Ellington were all in the house for day two of the last two days of events for 2006. They signed autographs at Chino Active for a couple hours and hung out with all the locals and made themselves at home after literally granting a wish for a skater from Lake Elsinore whose wish was to skate with Reynolds, Greco and Ellington in his own personal Skatepark in his backyard. These guys are great guys and we are happy to say that all three of them skateboard for Active.

2006 was full to the brim with events galore and 2007 will be no different. Active is going to be bringing you all of your favorite skateboarders and events to your local shops as well as numerous other events to make your weekends fantastic. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for numerous 07' Active Store Openings and special events. Thanks to everyone who made 2006 a huge success and memorable year including the entire events team and all of the stores.