A Year Supply Of Stance Socks For Free!

Congratulations to Clint Lokah from Anaheim California!! He won a year supply of Stance socks and more importantly…a years worth of his feet lookin’ good!!

OK, you guys know the drill…

How would you like to win a year supply of Stance socks for free?!?! All you have to do is click on the image below and enter to win…


they’re actually pretty comfortable. i think what actually makes them good is the attention to detail… all the crazy patterns and the actual detail of how the socks made. I like active ones too…Stance just has more options. They’re also a little thicker…and i were Emerica’s Laced shoe when i skate…so they help a little bit with the cushion.. Plus all the people involved with the company are really cool and legit artists..

I was wondering, what makes Stance socks good? I’ve never tried any. Are they better than the Active socks? They’re pretty darn expensive for just 1 pair of socks.