A Trip to the Berrics Winners

Way back in March of 08 we had a enter to win a trip to The Berrics contest that literally thousands of you entered.  The winner, Kevin Leslie and his two friends, Alex Pechilis and Dave Begonis came out and got to not only skate with Steve Berra at The Berrics, but got to witness the final game of SKATE between Mike Mo and Benny Fairfax. Check out this video of the whole day of fun courtesy of Erik Bragg.

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At least those guys skated & have skills, it’s not like they won and just sat on their boards too scared to skate. And with parks like Epic opening, The Berrics is starting to look pretty whack to me.

For the record I was actually very excited to be a part of this whole thing, people are hating on the youtube page so I figured I would at least try to set the record straight. Thanks again guys for putting this all together!