A day with Braydon Szafranski and Friends

This originally was supposed to be A Day In The Life With Braydon. It works alot better as a day with some of his friends. We left his house around noon, picked up Lizard King and Dom from Brooklyn Projects, and went to a shop that the dude from Good Charlotte co-owns. You can see him in the video when we go into the shop at the beginning of the video. They built a mini pool in the back of the shop that is super hard to skate. Lizard and Braydon skated for a little bit and then we headed to the Baker House to meet up with Beagle, Bryan Herman, Theotis Beasley, Reno, and Jigga. We went to downtown for Braydon to get a trick, but unfortunately we got kicked out after about 30 mins, which is pretty good for a Thursday. We ended up skating in downtown almost all day, Lizard tried to get a trick, but the meter ran out on the street, so we had to go back to the van. Then we went to Fairfax High, but it was knobbed, so we headed home, back to Hollywood. I hope everyone likes the video, and that it comes across as a fun day of messing around with Braydon and some homies.

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wuts the song that’s playing when braydon leaves his appartment and it plays when they’re skating the pool?

the song that Herman is singing is memphis of 8 ball ft. al kapone
la cancion que Herman está cantando es memphis of 8 ball ft. al kapone