Ed Templeton: Synthetic Suburbia

No need for a long write up & introduction here. Ed Templeton‘s art speaks for itself (you can read more about the exhibition on Juxtapoz, if you want). After a long day of doing nothing, I decided to go out and see Ed’s art show (exhibit), “Synthetic Suburbia” at the Roberts & Tilton Gallery in Culver City/L.A., C.A. Here are 36 photos I took at the public opening reception on Saturday.

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Ed Templeton Answers! (part 2)

YOU know what’s So rad aboUt toy maChine…their clever sKateboard ads! …the ones with the hidden messages and funny blurbs… i love those! So, here’s the next installment of “ask the pros” with Ed Templeton. Find out who the biggest dirt bag on the Toy Machine team is, who he would F, Marry, Kill and … Continue reading Ed Templeton Answers! (part 2)

Ask Ed Templeton Your Questions

CONGRATULATIONS TO JGONZ!!! ED PICKED YOU AS HIS FAVORITE LOYAL PAWN… BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR SOME SWEET RVCA GEAR HEADED YOUR WAY!!! Ed Templeton Answers have been posted! Ed Templeton Answers Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 …here’s your chance boys and girls… Ask the Tempster anything you want!! Just be sure to do … Continue reading Ask Ed Templeton Your Questions

Deadbeat Club – Mentally Retired @ Slow Culture

The Deadbeat Club group photo show “Mentally Retired” featuring works from the likes of Devin Briggs, Cheryl Dunn, Nolan Hall, Grant Hatfield, Andrea Sonnenberg, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton, Clint Woodside, Tobin Yelland at Slow Culture gallery in Highland Park. Photos from the opening night.

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Free Stay Gold “Deluxe” Edition Package

Here’s the way it went down last night: Heath Kirchart Brandon Westgate Bryan Herman Marquis Preston Spanky Collin Provost Jamie Tancowny Aaron Suski Braydon Szafranski Figgy Jerry Hsu Leo Romero Andrew Reynolds We know this was nearly impossible to guess the correct order of everyone in the video… But thanks for all the entries!! The … Continue reading Free Stay Gold “Deluxe” Edition Package