7/7/7 Drop Sneakers Premiere Launch Event!

Drop Sneakers

On Saturday, July 7th 2007, Drop Sneakers Not Bombs (DSNB) limited sneaker collection will premiere in Long Beach, CA at Active of Long Beach, California at 8 pm. Live music provided by Vapors Magazine and Red Bull, featuring DJ Tina T.The DSNB collection features limited sneakers from Vans, DC, Nike SB, éS, DVS, Emerica and Lakai, along will a run of limited Obey shirts, hats and posters designed by Shepard Fairey of Obey.A portion of all proceeds from the DSNB project will be donated to Invisible Children, who are an organization helping to improve the lives of war-affected children by providing access to quality education, enhanced learning environments and innovative economic opportunities for the community of Northern Uganda.In addition to July 7th being the DSNB sneaker premiere, at Long Beach Active, July 7th also marks the grand opening of Active's 20th retail location in Southern California.Long Beach Active is located at 7585 Carson St., Long Beach Ca, 90808. Doors open at 8pm.There will also be two additional DSNB events on July 7th at Active Burbank and Active Temecula both at 8pm.

YAY! I just copped me a Nike Free Rod and a DC Mismatch Pure. mmmmmm, LIMITED? MONNNNAY.


wow, i gotta say, i’m actually a little angry about those nike free rods. first of all they’re hideous, second of all making a skate shoe into basically a running shoe is the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen. pretty much i hate them with a passion.

I just saw the line of sneakers. I don’t think we should be concerned with people dropping bombs after this release. I’d be more concerned with people dropping dookie in their pants.

all of the shoes are sick imma be there i was at the movies there today i passed by and peeked through and saw all of the shoes they are crazy they still havent unpacked all the stuff yet

-yo iagree with tht lbj guy..its a gud idea to help those ppl in need an bring out fresh kicks@ tha same time..thro it up for active

I really like the idea behind this event…it’s a very creative idea from Active and it also benefits Invisible Children so it’s all for a good cause… I work with Toyota and they just wrapped up the Yaris vs yaris events. Check out the footage and the winners of the DJ battle/Shoe design competition on the site http://www.yarisversusyaris.com