Johnny Layton Design a Deck Contest Entries


Today is the last official day for us to receive entries to the Design Johnny Layton's Next Toy Machine Deck Contest. We got a ton of entries from all of you out there, and we at Active would just like to say thanks to all that entered. We got some AMAZINGLY creative stuff from you guys. Check out the photo gallery below of some of the entries. Johnny Layton himself is scheduled to come down here in the next few days and judge which one he likes best. Stay tuned to see who will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to get their own deck design created by Toy Machine.

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:( thats too bad.

Ive been searching all over the net for deck design competitions and I havent been able to find a single one currently not finished… I know this probably gets asked a lot but… does anyone know of any ways I could get my design on a deck (assuming its good)? Is it as simple as emailing it along with a copyright to a skateboard company and if they like it they’ll use it? I dont even care about pay, I just wana get my work out there.