Tampa Am 2006-Activated


Here's the basic run down of how Tampa AM 2006 (January 27-29) went:

Hop on a plane, catch a cab, check into the hotel, run into a dozen or so skateboarders and team managers in the lobby, off to The Castle, then sleep, wake up and go to the contest & watch kids of all ages, sizes and creeds rip up this skatepark as though they are grown men… Then it finally comes down to the defining day, Sunday, the day of finals. This was only my second time at Tampa Am and I am convinced that some of these kids' skills progress so rapidly that it's shocking.

We had few Active Riders in the contest that did pretty darn well. Torey Pudwill got the golden ticket on the first qualifying day, which means he qualified first place and went directly to the finals on Sunday. Tyler Hendley who won first place at Damn Am Costa Mesa went straight to the Semi Finals and placed 14th overall. Colin Provost placed 15th and also skated in the Semi Finals. I could never forget to mention our Irvine golden boy, Chris Gregson, who qualified 20th and skated in the Semi Finals.

The Top 5 Skaters in the Finals were: Cody McEntire, Keegan Sauder, Willy Akers, Torey Pudwill and David Bachinsky. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE SKATERS WHO PLACED WELL IN THE CONTEST!

Tampa Am brings out people from far and wide who are not only Ams but also Professionals. The Fallen, Matix, DVS, Emerica, & Vans teams all hit up Miami to collect footage while out on the South East of America. SO if you're in Miami, keep an eye out for those teams.

For complete Contest Results check out http://www.skateparkoftampa.com/

Also, check out Transworld and Rob Brink's contest coverage!

I'd like to thanks Dylan Rieder and Bobby Worrest for blanketing me with stickers in my sleep and leaving a ransom style apologetic note next to me.