The STITCH: 2012 – The Year to Rock Out!

2012 is definitely going to be the year to rock out! There are so many music festivals coming up, but there are three in particular that I have my eye on.

March 3rd, Cypress Hill will be hosting the annual SmokeOut Festival in San Bernardino at the NOS Center. I’m totally excited!  This year SmokeOut will have performances by Sublime with Rome, Thievery Corporation and Curren$y! Plus, there’s no better venue than the NOS Center!


The next music fest that I’m excited for is the Paid Dues Festival on April 7. WU-Tang and Odd Future will be headlining and bridging the gap between old school and new school.  Both groups are great performers, and it’s definitely going to get crazy!


But, nothing will be as crazy as Coachella is going to be this year! The two-weekend festival in April had tickets selling out last July, before the bands were even announced!  The line up this year is AMAZING with bands like Refused and At the Drive In reuniting after years apart, Radiohead and The Black Keys, plus Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog are set to end the show. Coachella is comparable to a modern day Woodstock, and an awesome event that embraces music of all kinds.


Mark your calendars, save up some cash, and do what you got to do because these festivals are not one to miss!

Till Then!


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Marcus, they announced Dipset AFTER I wrote the post! I’ll get you and Mentally Ill next time!

Guys, no one is saying this is it as far as music festivals, or music, goes for the year. It’s just SOME of them!