20 Years in the Books

Active Celebrates it’s 20th year with four parties, one in each county in Southern California! Things kicked off at the Cantina Lounge in Fullerton. Then a gathering at Omaha Jack’s in Rancho. The amazing Fai Do Do LA played host for the LA stop and we finished big with the ever popular Bondi Bar in downtown San Diego! Thanks to the Antics/Toyota Matrix crew for throwing down the hefty bar tab, RED BULL for all the RED BULL VODKA,  and all of the bars for showing love!The tour featured the musical talents of Hen Heart and our main man Wes Rogers. The boys brought the girls out to shake their booties on the floor and Wes broke a few hearts.

Huge shouts go to John and Shane for starting something that has touched alot of people’s lives in a very positive way over the years! Thanks to Active Erica, all of the homies, Button, and the Rosemead crew for everything!! ACTIVE!

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