Calling all past S.O.T.Y. members up on stage

SOTY 2014 PARTY!!!

The anticipation on who was getting this year’s SOTY & KOTR was really biting me so I last minute decided to drive up to SF unplanned just to witness this in person!
Front row to the #KremerSOTY2014 / #KOTR2014 party, highlight of the year! Congrats to Birdhouse for the King of the Road win & Wes Kremer for 2014’s SOTY. And on top of that, seeing Shannon & The Clams, Bass Drum of Death, & Naughty By Nature play all the old school hip-hop jams ruled!!!
#thankyouskateboarding, San Francisco, The Phelper, & Thrasher Magazine for the most gnar experience! Wes Kremer rules!

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and thanks to all the Riverside homies too!

Dekline True Blue @ Active Riverside Photos

Good times at Active Riverside with the Dekline team riders, Matt Bennett, Chad Tim Tim, Dakota Servold, & Joey Ragali for the premier of Dekline‘s debut film, “True Blue“. Started off the night with a game of S.K.A.T.E. which hometown hero Tre Williams won! Be on the lookout for the True Blue video on Thrasher premiering on Monday December 15!

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Marquee photo there you go!

Dekline True Blue Global Premier Photos

The inaugural film from Dekline Footwear, “TRUE BLUE” had its global release at the infamous La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, CA. The video highlights Dekline team riders Blake Carpenter, Chad Tim Tim, James Hardy, Pat Burke, Nick Merlino, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Ryan Spencer, Matt Bennett, & Dakota Servold.
Here are some photos from that night!
(We will also be premiering the flick at Active Riverside on Thursday, 12.11.14)
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Dekline “TRUE BLUE” Premier @ Active Riverside

Premiering Dekline‘s “True Blue” film at Active Riverside on Thursday Dec. 7th 7pm! Cruise out and hang out! This video highlights some of the best in Dekline with team riders such as Dakota Servold, Chad Tim Tim, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Blake Carpenter, Joey Ragali, James Hardy, Nick Merlino, Ryan Spencer, Pat Burke, & Matt Bennett!


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 6.48.32 PM

Active Team Riders in Transworld Reader’s Choice

Active team riders, Collin Provost, Anthony Schultz, Dakota Servold, & Riley Hawk, contenders for photo of the year & Trevor Colden & David Loy on the roster for Rookie Pro of the year. Also, Dakota is up for best Transworld SKATEboarding cover of the year, Chris Gregson‘s film “LAWLESS” nominated for Indie Film of the year, & Chris Joslin nominated for Best Video Part!!! Reader’s Choice 2014 by Transworld SKATEboarding! You vote for them NOW!
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after a techinical difficulty with the audio, Eric got it handled.

Plan B TRUE @ Active Long Beach Photos

Plan B’s TRUE video premiered at the Active in Long Beach, which happens to be Chris Joslin‘s home shop. He was at another premier so wasn’t able to make it to this one, but he technically was here while face-timing with Torey Pudwill on the line as the video started. Where’s that photo?!… slippin’. Anywho, here are some flicks from the night. Chris Joslin = intense.

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