Vans Pool Party 2015

This never gets old and the people are always getting younger, even the legends, they’re not that old… The Vans Pool Party this year was gnar as every year. Chris Miller wins Legends & Tom Schaar nailed the Mens Pro. I was burnt out the whole day and left early only to miss out on some of the historical moments that went down such as when Pedro Barros transferred over the never been done section of the Combi! ahhh… well, so here are some photos I took being present.

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Glen E. Friedman @ Pizzanista!

Glen E. Friedman, the man who has documented most of the iconic & classic photos that you might have reblogged on tumblr at this day & age. The era from the early rise of skateboarding, punk, & hip-hop culture. His book “My Rules” features many timeless photos from skateboarding legends ranging from, Tony Hawk to Duane Peters & as well as musical legends such as Minor Threat to Public Enemy. Here are some photos I took from meeting one of my favorite photographers at my favorite pizza place, Pizzanista!

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Plan B Team Demo & Signing at the Active Park!

You heard it straight! The Plan B team at its entirety will be here to shut down our beloved private skate park and you’re more than welcome to come! It will be their first ever demo with Chris Cole being on the team.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, May 23!
Signing at the Active Rancho Location: 2pm
Demo at the Active Park HQ: 5pm

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K-Walk’s Vans Propeller World Tour Experience

Vans Propeller, most likely you’ve seen this video by now. If not, you’re blowing it and you gotta watch it now. Last week we met up & talked with Dan-Lu about his whole Vans world tour experience, but we can’t forget about Kyle Walker! So we hit up our boy K-Walks through text since he’s outta town & he sent us some photos from his trip.

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