I've seen Matt Pike's other band Sleep play, both awesome to see live.

Converse Presents: Arctic & High On Fire

Inhaled some Arctic (featuring Active Pro’s Figgy & Nuge as well as Slave Pro, Frecks) into our lungs and burned our eyelashes off with High On Fire at the Echoplex. Good night! Thanks Converse!

they do pretty rad free shows internationally.

they do pretty rad free shows internationally.

Baker's Steve Hernandez & Emerica's Alex Galles

Baker’s Steve Hernandez & Emerica’s Alex Galles

Baker Boy's Justin Roy here at the merch booth! I bought a tee!

Baker Boy’s Justin Roy here at the merch booth! I bought a tee!

Arctic sets stage. Figgy on lead guitar.

Arctic sets stage. Figgy on lead guitar.

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Jeremy Leabres On RVCA

Active Am, Jeremy Leabres is officially now on RVCA clothing! Congrats!

Jeremy Leabres | Welcome to the Team from RVCA on Vimeo.

RVCA Welcomes Jeremy Leabres to the Team. Video by Brandon Jensen, song Summer with Phil by Dead Ghosts courtesy of Burger Records.
Jeremy Leabres: Bursting onto the scene relatively unknown; Jeremy Leabres’s debut part in Emerica’s 2013 video ‘Made’ caught everyones attention and made him a name to watch in the world of street skating as well as landed him a spot on the exclusive Toy Machine team. Already friends with much of the RVCA team it was a natural fit to bring him on board. His laid back and down to earth attitude paired with the ability to skate big rails and gaps effortlessly continues to impress and pave the way for future street skaters.

Jeremy Leabres: rvca.com/t/advocate/jeremy-leabres

mmm... baked pie.

Baked Pie @ Active Chino

The local Active Chino  video premier by Dean Singleton!
Right before the premier, we had an open skate sesh, a pie eating contest, and started a couple other flicks before Dean came by with the final cut! Featuring: Jose Lopez, Logan Catt, Ivan Wilcox, Adam Acevedo, Jeremiah Ito, Jonas Lucero, and friends!

skating some

skating some

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Skate Mental / 3D Demo & Signing!!!

The homies at Big Time Distribution are crashing at the Active Park on August 30th! Skate Mental and 3D Team Riders confirmed to appear: Austyn Gillette, Shane O’Neill, Brian Anderson, Trevor Colden, Dan Plunkett, Tom Karangelov, Brad Staba, & a special guest! First 50 people get a FREE hand screen-printed on the spot event T-Shirt!


couldn't miss out on this sweet team photo op. consider this poached!


Celebrating 20 full years of Chocolate Skateboards at Art Share L.A.! Taking a trip down memory lane with all the series of decks from right when Chocolate started, photos, memorabilia, & what not. It was awesome celebrating it with most of the OG’s from the team and the people behind it all.

out front of the Art Share in L.A.

out front of the Art Share in L.A.

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My Ride: Anthony Schultz

Anthony Schultz is a man of many talents. How long can you balance your board on your toes? Long enough to list all your set up specs? At 0:42 when he ollies up the two-block then kickflips off?! That’s nuts! Go to Memorial Park and look at that! Find all of Anthony’s products from $lave, Brixton, and Pig Wheels at activerideshop.com.”