Active Aliso Viejo Grand Opening Recap

Just confirmed, Active Aliso Viejo is launching on March 28th, 2015!
***UPDATE!!! (3/30/15)
Thanks to everyone of you who came out to support the Grand Opening of Active Aliso Viejo! Here is a video & photo recap from that day!

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Tampa Pro 2015 Semi-Finals & Finals

It was one humid weekend full of endless gnar… but we survived it! Tampa was great. The day began with the moat race (photos from that in the previous post.) Afterwards, Anthony Schultz had the first heat in the semi-finals. Congrats to active pro, Trevor Colden for getting 4th place, & also congrats to Luan Oliveira for winning it all! Here are the photos I took from that day.

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Tampa Pro 2015 Sunday Night Hijinks

How did I survive the last night of Tampa?  That’s a good question. Spent the last night with Anthony Schultz, Billy Marks, oh hey and Stance‘s Erica Yary too! This is Tampa! We got to go hard on the last day! Sushi dinner it was. The Bricks in Ybor was an added touch. I spent the time there browsing all the sick photos from past moat races. At last, we ended up singing the night away at the Karaoke bar. What a great way to end it! Thanks Tampa, you were so kind!

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Tampa Pro 2015 Annual MOAT RACE

The next day on Sunday, I woke up to a text message from Fred Van Schie, our dude Anthony Schultz was the first dude out to practice in the morning and got this clip. Already Reposted & Retweeted! Realizing that the Moat Race was starting soon so I got outta bed and skated down to the skatepark. Couldn’t miss out on the legendary happening!

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here's another view

Converse Concrete Jam & Transworld Best Trick

Just got done from our Team dinner with Billy Marks & Anthony Schultz. Right when we got back to the park, the concrete jam was poppin’. I couldn’t get any closer for those action shots so I watched from a distance. Active team rider, Chris Gregson came up on some cash at the Best Trick! Came late and missed out on Patman & Robin but I did catch the Misfits cover band, Psycho 78. Peep the photos.

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things getting rough

Tampa Pro 2015 Friday Night w/ Agnostic Front

My first night in Ybor. I took a longer nap than expected on the count of the time change and not getting enough sleep from the flight going straight to SPoT… enough complaining, woke up late for the after party so I didn’t catch the first couple of bands that played but I did get to see Agnostic Front! Comin’ straight outta New York!
Oh, and it was my first time using Über too, great app!

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