Go Skateboarding Day 2014 (RECAP)

On June 21st 2014, in celebration of national Go Skateboarding Day, we opened out our private park to public for some good ole fashioned shredding, accompanied by a best trick contest and a highest wall ride contest.

Thanks to everyone that came out! See you next year.

Congrats to the best trick winners:

1st place: Dylan Williams
2nd place: Paul Heart
3rd plcae: Anthony Pshebelski

Filming by Kyle Estrada
Edited by Marque Cox

More photos HERE!

Go Skate Day 2014 @ Active HQ!

Go Skate Day 2014 @ Active HQ!




Jamie Thomas Answers Your Questions!

Six years ago, you all asked Jamie Thomas some questions about stuff he was doing at the time. Since then, he came out with some  epic parts such as Fallen‘s Road Less Traveled, Zero‘s Strange World, Cold War, and has recently been added to Active’s Pro Team!  You guys asked him some more questions this year. He sat down, read every single question and we bring to you Part 1 and 2 of Jamie’s Ask The Pro’s, filmed & edited by Cameron Holland and special thanks  to Lee Dupont for the archival footage!

In part two of Ask The Pros with Jamie Thomas, he gets a bit heavier with talking about quitting Toy Machine and starting Zero, chasing dreams, personal failure, and rolling forever.

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Sean Cliver Main

Sean Cliver

Sean Cliver an artist, writer, editor, producer and photographer, has worked on several of the Jackass TV series and Movies, such as: Jackass TV Series, Wildboyz, Jackass movies and Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. Continue reading

Switch Shifty Flip to fakie

Blind Back Back 2 Cali Tour @ Active HQ!

To start off their “Back Back 2 Cali Tour“, The Blind Skateboards team cruised out to the Active HQ to skate with everyone and threw down a demo! Here are some flicks, stay tuned for the recap footy on Ride Channel! Thanks to the Blind team: Filipe Ortiz, Yuri Facchini, TJ Rogers, Cody McEntire, Kevin Romar, Morgan Smith, & Bill Weiss for making this happen!

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